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How to properly warm up after an ice bath?

Tip 1 Wim Hof Horse Stance

Perform the classic horse dance from the Wim Hof method by sinking down the spine and moving the torso from side to side.

Point your toes slightly outward, protect your knees, and add tension to the big muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest while moving. Make monkey sounds to generate warmth and energy.

Generate warmth by making confident, vibrating monkey sounds from the belly, spreading the energy throughout your body.

Tip 2 Yogic Breath

Try a yoga-inspired method: Stand slightly bent on the knees, inhale and gather energy, then tense the body while making fists next to your hips. Breathe out, keeping the face relaxed.

Tense up the body without involving the head or face to avoid fainting; repeat the process while focusing on body tension and facial relaxation.

Tip 3 Shivering

Experiment with purposeful shivering while slightly bending the knees and closing your eyes. Combine with humming sounds for a meditative practice that enhances mind-body connection.

These exercises not only warm up but also serve as meditative practices to strengthen the connection between mind and body.

Foster awareness of your body and its movements, focusing your mind on the physical experience.


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