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"The best week of my life!"
"A Transformational Adventure"
"I feel like a newborn!"

We combine the Wim Hof Method with personal development. 
The result: You go to the next level!

Hans Kellinghusen, 

"I've been to hundreds of seminars. This one was in the top 3! High quality!"

Lisi Hutter

"I have learned to overcome my fears! Highly recommended to anyone who is interested!"

Matthew Goedgen

"Honestly, the best week of my life! We recommend!"

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The power of the Wim Hof ​​method​

  • Experience deep and transformative breathing sessions

  • Experience the power of the cold under safe and professional guidance

  • Set strong intentions and become healthy, strong and happy!

The power of the group

  • Experience supportive and authentic connection in the group

  • Experience adventures with like-minded people!

  • Have lots of fun with it.

Deep Transformation

  • Free the person you want to be.

  • Let go of old emotions and self-images

  • Strengthen your confidence, your inner strength and find a clear direction in your life


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Michael Nuss

-Wim Hof Instructor

-Systemic Coach

-Inner Child Work

-Movement Trainer

-present at all retreats

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Rachel Babaganov

-Wim Hof Instructor

-Women Empowerment


-Ceremony leader

-Podcast Host

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 11.46.53 AM.png
Max Freiler

-Wim Hof Instructor

-Special Forces Trainer

-Sweadlodge Facilitater

-Movement Trainer

-Apnoea & Breathwork Trainer

Screen Shot 2023-06-08 at 11.53_edited.jpg
Sonja Flandorfer

-Wim Hof Instructor

-Author & Speaker

-CEO Keep on Cooling

-Holotrophic Atmung

-Mindmanagement Coach

Jonathan Krink

-Wim Hof Instructor

-Yoga Teacher

-Yogic Breathwork

- Body Awareness

-Emotional Healing 

-Habit Creating

We work in different combinations, Michael Nuss is present at all Wim Hof ​​retreats.


  • What do i need to pack?
    After signing up, you will receive a detailed packing list via email.
  • What are the health requirements?
    A certain level of fitness is required: You need to be able to hike for 3-4 hours. If you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, high blood pressure or you have had operations on your heart in the past, please reach out to us in order to clarify if you can attend.
  • What happens at a Wim Hof Retreat?
    What we usually do: -Wim Hof Breathing Sessions -Powerful Visualizations -Ice bathing -Body Awareness Exercises -Nature Adventures like shirtless Hiking -Theory Sessions around the Wim Hof Method and personal Development -Inner Child Work What we sometimes do: -Sweatlodges / Sauna Sessions
  • What is the difference to other Wim Hof Retreats?
    Our Team consists of with highly qualified Seminar leaders. Each one of us brings additional knowledge and expertise into the retreats like: Yogic Breathwork / Navy Seal Training / Holotropic Breathwork / Sweatlodges / Inner Child Healing / Body Awareness and much more. This brings our Retreats to the NEXT LEVEL. Additionally, all of our Team members are certified Wim Hof Method Instructors.
  • How do i sign up?
    Please click on the event you are interested in, this will lead you to the booking option on the Wim Hof Method Platform. You will book the event through there.

Do you have questions? Reach out: or +4917638095507

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